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GMC QzkwBHwLhrok produkcji: 1955 [ocena: 9]
JK, I totally diarsgee with you. Yes it is true there is media forces and racism toward asian men. And I do not discount that. What Wang was trying to say is, the first step to success with any women is participation. If you don\'t talk to them, how do you expect to succeed. Basically your saying most women are racist. That is a false belief. Or maybe your game sucks. Or perhaps your lazy and think that women should lead and approach you. Or perhaps you should stop making excuses and get off you ass. Which is true?Don\'t allow the white media or negative experience with female, prevent you from approaching girls you really like. Regardless of color. If you genuinely like her. go over there. Hey the outcome can be a bad experience or a good experience. Life is fucking random. But I would never let the media or negative girls prevent me from living my life. Apart of life is failure and embarrassment.So is success. You cannot have failure without success. If you allow others to put limits on you. How do you expect to find open minded women. Not all women are racist. That is what Wang was trying to point out. I live in Arizona, you want to talk about racism. Come to AZ, I date white girls and asian girls, and have no problem. Because I don\'t allow the media or negative asian girls to put limits on my life. Never allow anyone to put limits on you dream and goals. I will die trying, before I sit on my ass and complain. I rather live life as a man. Real men face there fear, regardless of how difficult it can be. MLK, Malcom X, Bruce Lee, etc. They never gave in. The die as men. Not cowards.Sometime I am ashame of being asian, you know why, guys like P Ray and JK. playing the fucking race card. I am proud to be asian, when I don\'t read about this crap. Yes its true we asian men are getting fuck by the media. So what. Throw the race card out the window. Its 2012. Compete mother fucker. Get off you ass JK. And face your fear.

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